Membership benefits include a Newsletter, Annual Concert, Thanksgiving Service, Priority Booking for young peoples workshops, and 10% discount on early bookings for the summer activities club.


Suggested membership costs:


· Individual member   £25 a year

· Couple/family          £40 a year

· Single Life member  £250

· Joint Life Members   £400

· Corporate Members  £250 a year (e.g. schools and other organisations)

or, whatever you can afford, because every penny counts towards keeping this beautiful church open and functioning for the community.


To become a Friend of St Matthew's, please download the form by clicking here, and return it to us at the address on the form.


If you are a UK tax payer and qualify for Gift Aid, please click here to download a Gift Aid form and enclose it with your application. Thank you.


If you have any questions, please click here to get in touch with us.


The Friends of St Matthews is registered as a charity for tax purposes. (Ref number EW38628)

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